Erez Komarovsky’s Galilean cooking school

Experience Chef Erez Komarovsky’s cooking & baking workshops at his Matat home in the Galilee. The workshops are open to the public as well as organized groups and offer an unforgettable day of fine food, great wine, breath-taking views and plenty of inspiration to take home.


The path leading to Erez Komarovsky’s house trails through his wild abundant organic herb garden, paving the way for the day to come. Breads and pastries freshly baked in the Tabun release irresistible aromas as freshly picked seasonal vegetables and bunched herb arrive from the organic garden as a light breakfast is served: rustic bread, seasonal salads, lima bean or lentil massabacha and other delicacies just picked from the garden. Erez generously pours the wine as participants begin to relax and feel at home.

Breakfast is followed by a tour of the organic farm. Who can recognize the White micromeria? Can you identify a Salvia Fruticosa Mill? What is the difference between Swiss chard and spinach? Erez leads the tour, picking various herbs, challenging the participants and sharing his passion for the garden. Participants experience the outstanding flavours of seasonal vegetables eaten straight from the land as well as the appetizing aromas of freshly picked heirloom herbs.


The tour ends in the workshop studio, facing a breath-taking view of the Galilee. Chef Komarovsky demonstrates the preparation of various dishes while imparting his vast knowledge from years of experience as he generously pours the wine and feeds participants with freshly prepared fine seasonal produce.

At each workshop, participants are encouraged to roll up their sleeves, knead, stir and taste the food straight from the saucepans. Meat and fish dishes are grilled on the terrace as dark sourdough breads are placed on the central table to accompany the prepared dishes.

The workshop ends on a sweet note under the pergola, where participants enjoy dessert, coffee and herbal tea.

Erez Komarovsky’s Galilean cooking school offers a series of seasonal workshops:

Chef’s table workshop

A creative cooking workshop offering the best from Erez’s kitchen: meat, fish, seafood, seasonal fruit & vegetables as well as many more surprises and unexpected combination. Erez prepares and demonstrates his unique dishes using seasonal produce from the organic garden and the best seasonal produce from the nearby Galilean markets.
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Essential of Meat cooking workshop
A meat lovers’ workshop. What is beef aging, which cuts should be aged and which are best eaten fresh? Erez demonstrates the preparation of various meat dishes using familiar and lesser-known beef, lamb and poultry cuts.

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Chef's table workshop + Acre (akko) market tour
The workshop begins with a morning tour of Acre’s colorful market. Erez takes participants though the market stalls, sharing his tips and gathering produce for the workshop ahead. The tour ends in the workshop studio where Erez demonstrates the preparation of various fish & seafood, meat and vegetable dishes using the ingredients purchased at the market; raw, cooked, grilled, steamed and smoked, according to the mood and the season.

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Chef’s table for groups
A wonderful culinary experience suitable for organized groups of friends and families looking for a unique and delicious dining experience. Using only the finest, freshest local produce as well seasonal vegetables in their prime freshly picked from the organic garden, Erez prepares a memorable tasting meal in front of his guests.


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תגובות גולשים

2021 כל הזכויות שמורות | מפה והוראות הגעה

חדש - סדנאות הבישול שלי חזרו לפעול בפורמט אחר

חדש - סדנאות הבישול שלי חזרו לפעול בפורמט אחר!

אני מעביר עכשיו סדנאות בישול לקבוצות סגורות בלבדמס' המשתתפים המינימלי הוא 15.

סדנת השף לפודיז - הסדנא מתאימה לארועים עסקיים ומשפחתיים כאחד.

הסדנאות הן חוויתיות וכוללות הדגמה פרונטלית של מגוון רחב המייצג את הפואטיקה הקולינרית שלי - בישול מקומי גלילי ועונתי.

אשמח לארח אתכם בביתי ולבשל לכם :)

בטופס יצירת הקשר, ביחרו באפשרות "הזמנת סדנא - מינימום 15 אנשים" ופרטו בטקסט את כמות המשתתפים הרצויה.